Upcoming Playlists is no longer functional or maintained due to the end of Songkick’s free API access in February 2024

Upcoming in Spokane, WA, US

This Spotify playlist is made up of the top tracks by artists performing in Spokane in the next 30 days. Listen to the playlist, discover new artists outside of the usual personalized algorithms, then go see them live!

To get the most of the playlist:

  1. Open ‘Upcoming in Spokane, WA, US’ in Spotify
  2. Add the playlist to Your Library
  3. Listen to the playlist
    • 💡Pro tip: Sort by ‘Date added’ in the Spotify desktop app to listen to the most recently added tracks
  4. Discover a song you like, then find the artist on Songkick to see their upcoming concerts
  5. Keep listening to the playlist to discover new artists daily